Jeff Black Live


  WE 03.12.14   Austin TX   SXSW - Stephen F's   Jeff Black 9 pm  
  FR 03.14.14   Houston TX   KPFT - Wide Open Spaces   Jeff Black Live on air! 10a-1p Check local listings  
  FR 03.14.14   Houston TX   Songbird Sanctuary   Private/Invitation only  
  SA 03.15.14   Austin TX   Second Play Stage / Hyatt Place   Jeff Black 6-7p  
  SU 03.16.14   Austin TX   Memphis House Concerts   Jeff Black Folklore album release  
  MAR 25-29   Nashville TN   Tin Pan South   Jeff Black w/Special Guests  
  TU 04.01.14   Nashville TN   The Legend 650 WSM LIve! Listen online!   Jeff Black Folklore album release  
  WE 04.02.14   Nashville, TN   The Bluebird Cafe   Jeff Black Folklore album release SOLD OUT  
  TH 04.10.14   Kansas City MO   Knuckleheads   Jeff Black Folklore album release - SOLD OUT  
  TH 04.11.14   Kansas City MO   Private/Invitation only   SOLD OUT!  
  SA 04.12.14   St. Louis MO   Private   Jeff Black - Blacklist Private  
  FR 04.25.14   Louisville KY   WFPK Listen Live 3:00p C   Jeff Black w/WFPK host Laura Shine  
  FR 04.25.14   Louisville KY   The Rudyard Kipling   Jeff Black Folklore album release  
  FR 05.16.14   Duluth GA   Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Theater TIX   An Evening with Jeff Black - TIX  
  FR 06.06.14   Kerrville TX   Kerrville Folk Festival   Main Stage Time TBD  
  SA 06.07.14   Kerrville TX   Kerrville Folk Festival   Ballad Tree 3-5p  
  SA 10.04.14   Nashville, TN   Bluebird On The Mountain   Jeff Black Kim Richey and more  

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