Black Tuesdays
Black Tuesdays Premium Podcast (download only) features new songs and previously unreleased tracks. 100+ digital EP's from 2005-2011. Rare takes and live cuts from the archives of artist / troubadour Jeff Black. Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and listed as "New And Notable" for iTunes music.

Encore "Support Your Local Sheriff" from Black Tuesdays By Request "Support Your Local Sheriff" Songs include "Libertine", "Persephone", "All Days Shine" and "A Better Way" PLUS! The best part - Devon's story about getting out of a speeding ticket all because she was listening to "B-Sides And Confessions". Justice prevails! Thanks for listening.

Black Tuesdays
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If you're just driving by, why not pull over and check out this encore performance of Black Tuesdays Support Your Local Sheriff

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